The West Virginia law firm of Brewer & Giggenbach has the sophisticated trial skills to take defective product cases to a jury. We have prevailed in a wide range of claims, securing verdicts and settlements for victims seriously injured or killed by dangerous products.

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About Product Liability

William Brewer and Bader Giggenbach have handled a wide spectrum of defective product cases, including:

  • Auto defects causing air bag or seat belt injury
  • Consumer products
  • Defective toys
  • Contaminated food products
  • Industrial tools and machinery, power tools
  • Medical devices — pacemaker, heart valve, morphine pump
  • Silicone breast implants

Product litigation requires proof of design flaw or manufacturing defect and proof that the manufacturer knew of the defect or should have foreseen it would to be dangerous to users. William Brewer’s physiology background proves useful in establishing that the defect directly caused the injury and in determining reasonable damages for the victim’s personal losses and medical care. After consulting with top engineers in various fields to examine the product and isolate the defect, we are able to present this highly technical information in a way the jury will understand.

Cases We’ve Handled

Our experienced trial attorneys have represented people with a variety of personal injury claims due to defective products:

  • We proved that an eye solution used during eye surgery was not chemically balanced as labeled, but in fact contained only tap water, causing permanent vision impairment.
  • Our attorneys obtained wrongful death damages for the family of a man crushed by a soil compacting machine. We found that a major blind spot prevented the operator from seeing his co-worker servicing the machine.
  • We settled before trial in the case of a man who suffered glass shrapnel in his abdomen and face from a fruit beverage bottle that exploded.
  • We obtained compensation for a hand injury caused by a defective safety guard on a miter saw.
  • We resolved a claim against a toy manufacturer for a child whose eye was injured by a toy helicopter rotor.

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