If you or a loved one has suffered from a surgical error, you know how harmful this type of injury can be. Your trust in medical professionals has been shattered. Your physical condition has been diminished because of a procedure you thought would improve your life. If you lost a loved one to a medical mistake, nothing will bring that person back and your world will never be the same. But you can seek compensation for your loss.

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Representative Cases We’ve Settled

Pap Smear Cervical Cancer. Recovered against a clinic for failure to provide test results in a timely manner resulting in a fatal delayed diagnosis. See More

Recovered damage for the failure to perform pre-surgery blood tests that would have revealed a low hemoglobin in the blood resulting in a stroke and permanent impairment. See More

Recovered for injury resulting in burns for improper use of laser as part of a skin treatment. See More

Failure to perform MRI of spine prior to spine surgery that would have revealed the presence of a tumor in the spinal column of the patient with a known condition that causes tumors in the spine. Performed the surgery without the MRI, resulting in paralysis below the waist and incontinence. See More

Recovered for a client who underwent cataract surgery and lost the vision in his eye as a result of defective saline solution used in the surgical procedure by the facility. See More

What Do Surgical Errors Include?

Surgical mistakes encompass many areas, but here are the most common ones we see:

Objects left behind — Surgeons or their assistants sometimes leave medical tools inside the body cavity when closing up after completing a procedure. The body does not want foreign objects left inside it, of course, and this can cause injury to postoperative patients.

Wrong site surgery — Doctors, nurses and other medical professionals sometimes make mistakes. If someone goes in for knee surgery or to have a lump removed from a breast, for example, the doctor needs to perform surgery on the correct body part.

Unnecessary surgery — Doctors and other medical professionals are only human. Sometimes they make mistakes and perform unnecessary surgeries. If that happens, you may have a malpractice claim.

Misdiagnosis — If you were misdiagnosed and the doctor performed an operation based on that misdiagnosis, this could be compensable. Speak with our attorneys about your case. We have the medical knowledge to review cases and understand the issues involved.

If you have lost a loved one due to a surgical error, we can help you make a wrongful death claim against the doctors involved and the hospital where the surgery was performed. Surgical mistakes are medical malpractice cases and responsible parties must be held accountable for these failures.

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