At Brewer and Giggenbach PLLC, the attorneys’ combination of trial experience, a coupled with a network of experts and knowledge of medical issues, enables the team to hold doctors and hospitals accountable for costly mistakes. Based in Morgantown, West Virginia – the clinical education hub of the State – medical malpractice attorneys have a high rate of success in these difficult cases.

Proven Results In Medical Malpractice Claims

With 70 years of combined experience, William Brewer and Bader Giggenbach have handled all types of medical malpractice cases, which have included:

  • Failure to Diagnose (delayed treatment)
  • Wrong Diagnosis
  • Surgical malpractice and Errors
  • Emergency Room Errors
  • Lab Errors
  • Birth Injury
  • Anesthesia Errors
  • Wrong Medication / Prescription Errors
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Medical product liability (examples include pacemakers, heart valves, medication pumps)

Investing In Quality Experts

To prove malpractice, Brewer and Giggenbach PLLC must first prove that a physician deviated from the professional standard of care and second, that the negligence caused damage. Attorneys are particular about the experts retained in complex litigation cases, selecting only the most qualified medical experts in clinical specialties.  For example:

  • In a cancer misdiagnosis case, Brewer and Giggenbach attorneys hired an oncologist and a pathologist to prove that the treating physician did not order the proper slides that would have correctly diagnosed the tumor.
  • In an eye surgery case, we used a forensic pharmacologist and an ophthalmologist to prove that a defective eye solution used in surgery caused permanent vision loss.

Uniquely Qualified To Try Cases

The law firm of Brewer and Giggenbach PLLC is uniquely qualified to try medical malpractice cases.  Attorneys have extensive experience articulating technical medical concepts for juries. Because of the firm’s courtroom reputation, clients’ prospects for a favorable pretrial settlement are also improved. The team consults with medical specialists, life care planners, and economists to determine the future financial needs of medical malpractice victims or to quantify the economic and emotional loss to family members dealing with the repercussions of wrongful death.

Obtain A Free Case Evaluation

Contact Brewer & Giggenbach online or by phone at (304) 212-7289 for direct access to experienced trial lawyers. Potential clients receive free case evaluations. The firm’s attorneys provide an honest assessment of possible claims and vigorously pursue justice on clients’ behalf.