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Study highlights the costs of a missed or delayed diagnosis

One in three of the medical malpractice cases in West Virginia and around the country that involve patients who either died or were left permanently disabled are caused by delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis. That was the conclusion reached by researchers from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine after studying 55,000 malpractice cases. The results of the study were released online by the medical journal Diagnosis on July 11.

Many patients misdiagnosed as having burning mouth syndrome

West Virginia residents should know about a condition known as burning mouth syndrome, which is characterized by a constant burning or tingling sensation in the mouth. Sometimes it goes together with dryness or a metallic taste in the mouth. There are many people who experience a burning sensation due to dry mouth, but this is not the same as BMS.

Bedsores may be an early sign of nursing home neglect

Few decisions are more difficult than choosing to move an aging parent into a nursing home. While you can likely depend on nursing home employees to provide effective care for your elderly loved one, you must realize that nursing home neglect happens. In fact, about 10% of Americans over 60 experience some type of neglect or abuse. Even worse, when abuse happens, an individual’s risk of death may increase by as much as 300%. 

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