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How patients can protect themselves from surgical errors

West Virginia readers have likely heard horror stories about patients who were victims of surgical errors. However, people may be unsure how to protect themselves and their families from similar situations when they undergo a surgical procedure.

The most common traumas in truck accidents

Accidents between large commercial trucks and passenger vehicles usually do not turn out well for the occupants of the smaller vehicles. It is these occupants who die in 97 percent of fatal truck accidents. When they survive, they are often left with serious physical and emotional trauma. Residents of West Virginia may want to know what the most common injuries are.

Communication failure often behind never event surgical errors

The medical community in West Virginia classifies wrong-site, wrong-procedure or wrong-patient surgeries as "never events" because they should never happen. When researchers review information about these mistakes, they consistently identify communication problems as a contributing force. Although surgical checklists and mandatory timeouts to review a surgical plan appear to aid in the reduction of these errors, communication mistakes prior to entering the operating room could undermine safety protocols.

Startup focuses on safety software for truckers

New safety software may be just what truckers in West Virginia and the rest of the U.S. need to overcome the challenges inherent in their profession. With more than 3 million truckers out there carrying 70 percent of the nation's cargo, the trucking industry is essential to the economy. Unfortunately, tight deadlines and long workweeks make truckers susceptible to fatigue behind the wheel. It's estimated that 100,000 truck crashes occur each year as a result.

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