Brewer & Giggenbach has assisted numerous people in West Virginia in achieving the best results for their cases. Here are a few of our outstanding representative cases.

Personal Injury

  • Daycare Injury: Represented a six-month-old infant who was injured while being cared for at a daycare. The infant sustained a spiral fracture to her arm as a result of the actions of an employee of the daycare. Suit was filed against the daycare facility, extensive written discovery and depositions ensued. Luckily, the infant's injuries healed, and the lawsuit settled prior to trial.

Nursing Home Injuries

  • Worker Injured at Nursing Home: Represented an employee of a nursing home who was seriously injured by a nursing home resident. Our client was struck in the eye by a resident with an extremely violent history. Our client had to endure numerous surgeries on the eye, and ultimately, lost complete vision in the eye. After extensive written discovery and numerous depositions, the case was settled prior to trial.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Motorcycle collision: Recovered for clients on their motorcycle in a collision with a police car making an improper turn resulting in severe injuries to the husband and wife including the husband's loss of a leg and severe back trauma that left him permanently disabled.
  • Pedestrian struck by drunk driver: Represented a pedestrian who was struck by a drunk driver while walking on a sidewalk in Morgantown, West Virginia. The client suffered extensive injuries to his face and head. Unfortunately, the extremely intoxicated driver fled from the scene. Filed a lawsuit against the drunk driver and after extensive discovery, were able to settle the case.
  • Pedestrian in crosswalk was struck by vehicle: Represented a client who, while at work, was walking across in a street, in a crosswalk, and was struck by a motor vehicle. Our client suffered extensive injuries, including head trauma, a collapsed lung, and numerous fractures. The case proved extremely complicated, and involved multiple insurance companies, and two of which who initially denied coverage. After extensive discovery, we were able to reach a settlement with all three applicable insurance companies prior to trial.
  • Tractor trailer collision:
    Represented clients who were struck by a tractor trailer on Interstate 79. Our clients sustained significant injuries, including a torn rotator cuff. After extensive written discovery and multiple depositions, the case settled prior to trial.

Surgical Errors

  • Pap Smear Cervical Cancer. Recovered against a clinic for failure to provide test results in a timely manner resulting in a fatal delayed diagnosis.
  • Recovered damage for the failure to perform pre-surgery blood tests that would have revealed a low hemoglobin in the blood resulting in a stroke and permanent impairment.
  • Recovered for injury resulting in burns for improper use of laser as part of a skin treatment.
  • Failure to perform MRI of spine prior to spine surgery that would have revealed the presence of a tumor in the spinal column of the patient with a known condition that causes tumors in the spine. Performed the surgery without the MRI, resulting in paralysis below the waist and incontinence.
  • Recovered for a client who underwent cataract surgery and lost the vision in his eye as a result of defective saline solution used in the surgical procedure by the facility.

Wrongful Death Cases

  • Recovered in Wrongful Death case for family of woman who suffered a stroke from wrong placement of catheter placed for dialysis resulting in a fatal stroke?
  • Recovered Wrongful Death case for failure to properly place a feeding tube resulting in a massive stroke and death.

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